Sunday, January 15, 2006

jogoya jogoya

drove down to imbi today, got lost 40 minutes after missing a single turn to times square~ expecting an easy u turn, i missed several chances to get back on track... nevertheless i made it through a very long way.... experienced gained -_-"

after getting the car parked, i went to a japanese restaurant called jagoya in starhill gallery for a buffet brunch meeting with other colleagues, reason: to celebrate the start of work for the european helpdesk team coming this tuesday~ at rm78++, i still thinking about the money upon entering but it actually turns out really worth the money afterall as we had the vip dishes complimentary of my teamlead's husband's lifetime vip membership card...

let's first talk about the normal dishes; sushi as expectedly fresh and features the normal varieties like salmon sushi, ebi sushi, california roll and etc. next is the deep fry corner... takoyaki, tempura prawn and lots more but all dishes uses the same tempura flour so most of it taste the same... also there are the tepanyaki, western and indian styled cooking corners.... didn't try the indian corner much (mostly curry and roti canai), but the others were really good as most of them uses big fat prawns and crabs as the main dish~ :D

also there were the dessert section... this is like a heaven for dessert lovers~ varieties ranging from cakes, tarts, snacks, bicuits, cookies, ice cream, ice blend drink, coconut juice + fresh fruit juice, coffee and fruits, it's jz not enuff to taste all of them in a day~ gotta say, i left out lots of yummy dessert :(

and last but not least, the vip dishes... each one of us is only supposed to have a vip dish each but due to some technical error in the management, they sort of returned us some of the used coupons~ :> some ordered vip desserts: tuna tart and a special mousse cake~ both taste marvellous but theye do not really worth the coupon though... the real deal: king crab western style~ the king crab was amazingly huge and suckling~ jz can't describe it without picture evidence... it was a little salty but it was the star of the day, made the whole trip totally worth it~ :))

went back right after brunch, calling it a day as i still gotta attend my cousins wedding later at night... haih~

*pictures coming up soon...